“There are no boundaries here: improvising with the audience advances the plot, minor flubs are absorbed into the flow, and the clowns react to the audience's reactions at every turn…The naughtiness of the show just keeps escalating. Overall, charisma, creativity, and attention to craft bring things to a satisfying climax.”


Plank Magazine -Mattias Martens

"The show was a sexy, naughty, wild and hilarious ride. And you don’t even have to be a giant clown fan to love it. Everyone in the audience was having fits of laughter.


If the (theatre) didn’t have air-conditioning, I’m sure people would have fainted from the exertion of their mirth."


Five Stars. - Amy Jo Espetveidt (CALGARY IS AWESOME)

“50 shades of hilarity!!!”


The Winnipeg Free Press- Pat St. Germain 4 Stars

"Russell and Tomlinson... are both cocky clowns  comfortable incorporating whatever happens to be going on around them into the show, and it gives the show a wonderful nuttiness...


At the same time, when the moment calls for them to connect to one another, to find the love for each other, they quite believably turn their attention from clown antics to one another with such committment they almost do seem to be a pair of married clowns."


Four Stars. - Stephen Hunt (Calgary Herald)


Vue Weekly- Aug. 16, 2014
"Jed Tomlinson (Spark) and Jacqueline Russell (Sizzle) share a palpable chemistry that is comical and endearing... strip away the red noses, makeup and outlandish theatrics, and the Sama Kutra is a relatable look at the dynamics of a relationship: the good, the bad, the downright awkward and everything in between.” —Meaghan Baxter

“If they weren’t wearing clown make-up and garb and bulbous red noses, Russell and Tomlinson couldn’t possibly get away with some of their more daring antics even if this is billed as an adult comedy show… a run for the title of ‘the best sex ever’”


Calgary Sun- Louis B. Hobson 4 Stars

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