From the creators of the Five Star Sensation The Sama Kutra comes a torrid tale of temptation, gestation and a foolish bargain.

Sizzle and Spark Fandango have the perfect life. The big house. The beautiful yard. The white picket fence. The only thing they are missing is 2.5 children. In their relentless quest to have it all, a nefarious deal is made that entangles them in an explosive situation with unexpected consequences. A dark comedy about the extremes we go to have the perfect life and how easily it can all blow up in our faces.


Created in the grand Canadian tradition of theatrical adult clown shows (Mump and Smoot, Morro and Jasp), is a examination of the puzzling, hilarious mess we create when we are trapped by our illusions of how our lives are supposed to look.


Created and Performed by
Jed Tomlinson and Jacqueline Russell
Directed by Michael Kennard (Mump and Smoot)
Original Music Composition by Evan Rothery

© 2015 SIZZLE & SPARK. Proudly created with